Assignment - Pluto-Charon

Answer the questions and do the exercise.

1. Many similarities can be seen between the compositions of Pluto and Triton. Explain the possible causes for the high rock percentage within Pluto, with regards to the location of its formation within the solar system.

2. Is Pluto a planet or not? - - - - - - Visit this website (Much Ado About Pluto) (and others you find on your own) and answer this question to your satisfaction. State the evidence that supports your belief.

3. Create a chart showing the similarities and differences between Triton, Pluto, and Charon. Include diameter, densities, surface pressures, atmospheric components and properties, surface components and features (if any), and possible origins.

4. How does the distance between Pluto and Charon compare to that between the Earth and its Moon?


Assignment about comets

What is the chemical composition of most comets? Why do some workers think that comets are vital to the development of life?

Discuss the relationship of comets and magnetic fields, with respect to the Sun and the comet's tail.

What evidence do we have about the Oort Cloud? What evidence do we need to have to confirm the existence of the Oort Cloud.

What is the Kuiper Belt? How was it discovered?