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This computer-enhanced photo of Saturn, taken Nov. 13, 1980, by Voyager 1, shows Saturn's rings and their shadows against the lighted crescent of the planet. The photo was taken from a distance of 1,570,000 kilometers (930,000 miles) beyond the planet. The bright, overexposed limb of Saturn is visible through the rings. The inner or C-ring scatters light in a way that causes it to look bluer that the outer A- and B- rings. Radial spokes in the B-ring, which appeared dark in pictures taken when Voyager 1 was approaching Saturn, can be seen here as bright markings. This information can be used to help determine the nature of individual particles in the rings. The thin F-ring displays brightness variations that are caused by non-uniform distribution of material in the ring. Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages the Voyager project for NASA's Office of Space Science. (P-23346)