GEOL 641 Advanced Petrology (3 credits)

Department of Geology
Idaho State University

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Fall Semester, 2001
Dates and Time: TTH 8:30-9:45 am
Room: PS 221

Mike McCurry
Petrology & Geochemistry; PS225, office hours: any time door is open or by appointment.
Dave Rodgers
Structural Geology; PS223, office hours: TBA.

Course Objectives:

> Review principles of magma genesis and evolution.

> Understand and use modern tools for interpreting petrologic and geochemical data (e.g., MELTS, etc.).

> Focus on Snake River Plain volcanic province, including readings, manipulation of petrochemical data, and field trips to key sites in the eastern and central SRP, and possibly Blackfoot volcanic fields.

> Survey of the structural and geophysical framework for the SRP, and associated kinematic and dynamic processes.

> Integrate structural, geophysical and magmatic features of the SRP for an interpretation of the evolution of the lithosphere in the context of the formation of the SRP-Yellowstone hot spot track.

Text: None required, however there will be numerous readings from various textbooks and journals.


Final Exam
Oral Presentations
Written Assignments
Term Paper

Resources and Links:

o Petrological Modeling
o Petrological Concepts
o Experimental Petrology
o Analytical Methods
o Reference Information
o Other Link Sites
o On the Lighter Side


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