Petrological Modeling Tools

1. MELTS Melts is a software package for modeling crystallization of magmatic systems.
2. MELTS Calculator To compute Thermodynamic Properties and/or Component Transformations of Mineral Solid Solutions.
3. PELE & IRIDIUM PELE - a version of the silicate liquid crystallization MELTS software. IRIDIUM - a program to model melt infiltration and reaction.
4. QUILF95 Best program around for calclulating intensive variables; you'll need to scroll down the page a bit to find the download.
5. ConFlow A model that calculates flow properties (pressure, vesicularity, and some 35 other parameters) as a function of vertical position within a volcanic conduit during a steady-state eruption.
6. EC-RAFC A self-consistent formulation of energy, mass and species conservation for a magma body undergoing concurrent assimilation-fractional crystallization, with or without recharge.
7. KWare A variety of programs for modeling melt properties (also volcanological programs such as SFT).

8. SolvC






A windows based interactive graphics program package for calculating the ternary feldspar solvus and for two-feldspar geothermometry.
9. GTB&more Program GTB was written to perfom calculations of geothermometers and geobarometers and to plot the results as lines of constant equlibrium constant on a P-T diagram.
10. MIXNFRAC Roger Nielsen's phase equilibria programs for modeling magmatic differentiation are described in Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta and in Reviews of Mineralogy, vol. 24.
11. THERMOCALC THERMOCALC is a thermodynamic calculation software package for tackling mineral equilibria problems.
12. WEBINVEQ WEBINVEQ solves the inverse chemical equilibrium problem, i.e. giventhe activities of end-members of coexisting minerals, the program computes a least-squares estimate of the pressure and temperature of equilibration of the minerals.
13. PETRO.CALC.PLOT Extensive (free) Excel macros for plotting petrologic data. Also available from:
14. CIPW Norm Calculator A good Excel Macro.
15. HB-PLAG hbplag is a public domain application for calculating hornblende-plagioclase geothermometry for the Macintosh,
DOS and Windows. It is based on the thermometers of Holland and Blundy (1994, Contrib. Mineral. Petrol., v. 116).
16. BIGD BIGD is designed to calculate mineral-melt partition coefficients for mafic igneous systems ranging from alkali and tholeiitic basalt to andesites and dacites.
17. TERNPLOT Excel macro for plotting ternary diagrams.
18. GERM Links Links to many petrologically useful programs.
19. Uni-Geochem Many useful petrology-oriented programs; the most useful programs are AFC.traces, AFC.isotopes, and Mixing.isotopes (Excel templates); also includes downloadable databases of isotope data.

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Petrological Concepts:

1. Practical Aspects of Mineral Thermobarometry Indispensible information for the petrologist.
2. Phase Diagrams Tutorial on the use and interpretation of phase diagrams.
3. Global Tectonics/Nelson SA Nelson,Tulane University, New Orleans - good review of Tectonic Theories, The Earth's Magnetic Field and Paleomagnetism, Sea-Floor Spreading, Plate Tectonics, Types of Plate Boundaries, Hot Spots and Absolute Plate Velocities, Cause of Plate Tectonics, Plate Tectonics and Continental Crust.
4. Todd Dunn Lectures Very well done review of petrologic processes at plate margins (beginning at this link with divergent margins)
5. S Nelson Lectures Well done series of lectures on most aspects of petrologic processes.
6. Global Dynamics Another S Nelson lecture; this one on bulk earth properties and processes; including petrolgical processes.
7. D Jessey All sort of useful information; class notes, links, etc. A great site.

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Yellowstone - SRP Hotspot Track

1. Bob Smith's Page Nice summary by UUtah geophysicist Bob Smith.
2. G. Humphreys Must see site for anyone working on SRP petrology; presents important work on geophysical framework of the SRP.
3. Yellowstone Volcano Observatory Monitoring the Largest [Quaternary] Volcanic System in North America
4. COM Craters of the Moon
6. Mike's Volcano Page - SRP A shameless plug.

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Experimental Petrology:

1. CalTech Experimental Petrology  
2. High Pressure Petrology And Mantle Melts at UCL  

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Analytical Petrology & Geochemistry:

1. GEMOC Analytical Methods This web page is designed to document some of the analytical methods currently in use in the GEMOC Geochemical Analysis Unit, and to provide updates on
technological developments.
2. Univ. of Oregon Electron Microprobe Facility  

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Reference Information:

1. ISU GeoRef Search Indispensible information for the petrologist.
2.ISU Library Holdings Search Gives you direct access to papers from some petrologically important journals (e.g., Ann. Rev. EPSL, Bull. Vol., CMP, JVGR, EPSL J. Petrol., GCA, etc. Some others that are not on this list are also available (GSA Bull., etc.).
3. GERM The Geochemical Earth Reference Model (GERM) initiative has the goal of establishing a community consensus on a chemical characterization of the Earth (also see the more general EarthRef resources).
4. Partition Coefficients Database Kd's Database contains partition coefficient data for all types of rocks and minerals and for every element. Both experimental and empirical data are included in this extensive compilation.
5. GeoKem Here we give very brief descriptions of most types of terrestrial and lunar igneous rocks, their regional distribution and classification, and examples of their geochemical trends and "fingerprints".
6. GeoRoc GEOROC is intended to become a global geochemical database containing published chemical and isotopic data as well as extensive "metadata" for rocks, minerals and melt/fluid inclusions.

7. TH Brown's Thermo Database

Compilation of thermodynamic data for minerals from several sources.
8. Geoscience Journals Exhaustive list of Geoscience Journals.
9. Geoscience Journals Another exhaustive list of Geoscience Journals.
10. Petrology Journals  
11. Directory of Geology Departments (USA & Canada)  
12. ISGS directory of geology department (global)  
13. ISGS directory of geology department (global)  
14. Earth Sciences Organizations  
15. GSJ Geochemical Reference samples DataBase Extensive standards reference information.

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Other Links Pages:

1. J. Kraus Petrol Links Page Although the title is "Structural Geology and Metamorphic Petrology ..." the page is very general and comprehensive including refs. to links re. all types of petrology (look for table at the bottom of the web page)
2. Andrea Koziol's Min-Pet Links Page Another great links page.
3. Terry Gordon's Geochemistry Links Page Another good links page.
4. Links Not very well organized, but a very useful set of links (look towards the bottom of the document).

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On the Lighter Side:

1. Magma Poetry & Reviews  
2. MTU A lighter side to living with and studying active volcanoes.

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