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Writing & Reviewing Technical and Scientific Reports

Writing Scientific Reports Excellent review by Jim Nicholls and Jim Brown (U. Calgary) of writing principles as applied to the Geosciences
Reviews & Reviewing Excellent review by Jim Nicholls and Jim Brown (U. Calgary) of critical reviewing principles as applied to the Geosciences.
Nicholls & Brown Main Main page for Brown's course (includes info. above and more).
Science Writer's Handbook Univ. of Wisconsin
Academic Writing Univ. of Wisconsin
Writing Critical Reviews Univ. of Wisconsin
Critiquing scientific papers Intended for Entemologists, buy applicable to geologist as well; a nice web page from Oregon State University.
Critiquing scientific papers Similar to above; this one is from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington.
Critiquing a peers paper Useful information from U. Michigan (additional information is available at the bottome of the following web page


Teaching and Learning

Science, Writing, and Problem Solving Skills Terry Gordon's (U. Calgary) links to good advice for students on the nature of science, and help with scientific writing and problem solving.
Teaching development Terry Gordon's (U. Calgary) links to teaching methods and teaching resources, including the use of multimedia and the Web.


Grant Writing, Reviewing, and Related Information

NSF Geosciences The National Science Foundation supports research, education, and infrastructure to advance the state of knowledge about Earth, including its atmosphere, continents, oceans, interior, and the processes the
modify them as well as link them together. Most NSF Programs in the geosciences are funded through the Directorate for Geosciences.
NSF2 NSF overview of grants and awards.



LINKS Useful key-word-based search engine for finding geologic information.