Geology 211 Principles of Mineralogy
Department of Geology
Idaho State University

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Fall Semester, 2001
Dates and Time: TTh 2:00 - 5:00 (Lect 2-2:50; Lab 3:00 - 5:00 pm)
Room: PS 221 (for both lecture and laboratory)
Dr. McCurry, PS 225, Phone: 282-3960, e-mail: .

Mike McCurry; office hours: any time door is open or by appointment
Teaching Assistant:
Mark Ford
Mark Ford, PS 202B; e-mail:; office hours: TBA.

Text: Klein, C., Mineral Science, 22nd ed., Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2002, 641 pp. Required. NOTE: it will be helpful, but not necessary, to have access to a Mac or PC CD-reader.
Useful (not required) books:
1. Pough, F.H., Scovil, J., and R. T. Peterson, 1998, A field guide to rocks and minerals (Perterson Field Guides), 5th ed., Chapter Pub. Ltd.,
2. Chesterman, C. W., 1979, National Audubon Society field guide to North American rocks and minerals, Knopf, 850 pp.
3. Prinz, M., 1978, Simon and Schuster's guide to rocks and minerals, Simon & Schuster, 607 pp.

WWW: Links to mineralogy web resources:
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Recommended Supplies: Good quality pen-knife and hand-lense.

Looking for a hand lense? - I recommend the Hastings Triplet 10X (available at most Lapidary Shops). If you have a credit card try shopping via internet at or at

Students with disabilities: If you have a disability or think you have a disability that requires accommodations on the part of ISU you must contact the Center of Services for Students with Disabilities in the Pond Student Union Building at phone number 282-3599.

Course Requirements: Reading assignments, exams, labs, and homework sets (see "Grading").

Lecture: Two lecture mid-term exams and one final exam. The final exam is comprehensive. All lecture exams will be closed book. The mid-term exams will be given on Oct. 2 and on Nov. 11; the Final Lecture Exam will be given Wednesday, Dec. 19 (12:30 - 2:30 pm).
Lab: Weekly exercises, two midterm exams and comprehensive final exam. Lab exams will be open book. Lab Midterm exams are on the following dates: Oct. 4 and Nov. 13; Final Exam is on Thursday, December 13.

Late Labs Policy: Lab and homework assignments must be turned in at prescribed times. Unexcused homework and labs will be penalized 25% for each day they are late. Both instructors must be notified in advance of legitimate reasons for missing or late labs, exams, etc.

Attendance and Class Participation Policy: Regular attendance and active class participation are considered critical parts of your learning Mineralogy. You are strongly encouraged to asked questions in class (both lecture and of course the lab). Unexcused absence from class will be penalized one letter grade from your corresponding weekly lab score, for each class not attended.

Grading: Previous Exams:
Lab Midterm #1
  First Midterm Exam (YR2000)
Lab Midterm #2
  Second Midter Exam (YR2000)
Lab Final
  Final Exam (YR2000)
Weekly Labs & Assignments
Lecture Midterm #1
Lecture Midterm #2
Lecture Final

Grading Formula:

Weighted Percent
90 - 100%
80 - 90%
70 - 80%
60 - 70%
< 60%

Objectives: Lecture will emphasize basic principles of crystallography, crystal chemicstry and classifcation, whereas the laboratory will emphasize methods of determinative mineralogy and hands-on examination and identification of minerals in hand samples and thin section. Prerequisites for this course include CHEM 111, GEOL 109 and GEOL 110. Please see the instructor if you have any questions regarding these requirements.

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Previous Exams: Links to previous exams are included here in order to familiarize you with the format of the exams, and to give you some general idea of the types of questions you may see on exams this semester. It is important to realize that textbooks, course content and schedules vary from year-to-year. It is imperative that you attend the respective exam review sessions so that you will know specifically what will be covered on the exam this semester.

Grading: This formula is made as explicit as possible so that you'll know how to allocate your time and effort. One somewhat intangible part of the grading formula is class participation. I consider class participation a critical part of the learning process. Therefore strong positive participation in lecture and lab will amount to the equivalent of a "+" on the respective base score (i.e. if your numerical score amounts to a B, strong participation will augment the grade to a B+). Let me know if you have any questions!

The background for this page is a thin section view of a olivine basalt porphyry.

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