Mineralogy on the Web

Mineralogy Web Links:

1. Würzburg links

Perhaps the best source of Mineralogy links on the web.
2. Mineral Collectors Page Another excellent source of information from the Mineralogy Clud of Antwerp of Belgium; well-organized and thorough.
3. DJW links Another excellent source of links, partiuclarly for Mineralogy-related journals.

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Reference Information:

1.WebMineral Database
Contains more than 5,000 web pages of mineral data and pictures. There are 4,205 individual mineral species; descriptions with links. Also includes information about classification of minerals, determinative tables, X-ray powder diffraction, and links to other sources.
2. UBC web page Great site. Primarily oriented towards petrology, but lots of useful information for the Mineralogy student as well.
3. Atlas of igeous and metamorphic rocks minerals and textures Complimentary to the UBC site; emphasizes petrography.
4. Mineral and Rock Entemology What to know how minerals got there names? - then this is a good place to start.

5. Bob's Rock Shop

Mineral collectors should check this page out.
6. WebElements Very extensive information about the elements and periodic chart.
7. LBNL Isotopes Page Best source of information regarding isotopic data for the elements.
8. EarthRef The website for earth reference data and models.

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1. JCrystal Applet Crystal Forms

JCrystalApplet allows a user to manipulate a crystal shape with mouse and keyboard control with a realism almost equal to actually holding a real crystal model. I couldn't get these applets to run under Netscape© 4.7 on a mac; MS Explorer© 5 works fine.
2. Crystal Maker Nice commercial software for demonstrating crystal structures. Free Demo is available.
3.Symmetry and Transformations Web-based tutorial.
4. MacDiff Superb free software for downloading, visualization and interpretation of XrD data.
5. Crystal Structure Movies QuickTime moview illustrating mineral crystallographic structures.

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How to:

University of Bristol EARTH SCIENCES Excellent petrography page.
Identify minerals in thin section This is a general systematic approach to the identification of minerals in thin section.
Electronic Journals Directory of journals accessible by internet. Scroll to those that are pertinent to geology or click on this link.
GEOREF Standard search tool for geology literature. Access GeoRef by scrolling down.

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On-line Mineralogy Class Notes:

1. Dave's Sherman's web page Superb Instructional Mineralogy web page; lot's of useful animations.

2. Micky Gunter's web page(University of Idaho)

Excellent web page.
3. Crystallography Great set of notes by Mike and Darcy Howard.
4. Mineralogy self-tester This is an electronic way of testing and/or improving your working knowledge of mineral names and their formulas (or, so one would hope).
5. Testing a mineral's hardness A simple tutorial.
6. Jack Rice's Lecture Notes A well-written set of notes.
6. X Ray Diffraction - Bragg's Law A somewhat useful description of X-ray wave interference and it's relation to crystal structure.
4. List of web courses Exhaustive list of Mineralogy courses on the web.

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Journals accessible via ISU internet connection (NOTE: to access these you must be connected to a university computer with a proper IP address):

Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Bulletin of Volcanology
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology
Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Earth-Science Reviews
Environmental Geology
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
Journal of Applied Geophysics
The Journal of Geology
Journal of Hydrology
Journal of Petrology
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research
Precambrian Research
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Quaternary International
The Scientist
Sedimentary Geology