Volcanoes of the Yellowstone-Snake River Plain Hotspot Track

(Slightly modified from http://www.mines.utah.edu/%7Eggcmpsem/UUSATRG/CD-Yel/ys-geodyn.html)

Purpose and Scope:

This web page is intended to serve a couple basic purposes. First to help those with a general interest in this fascinating region find out more about how various parts of the Snake River Plain formed, what the Yellowstone-Snake River Plain hotspot track is, and why it is of great interest to the scientific community. Emphasis is on volcanoes which are located southwest of Yellowstone National Park, and to dynamic processes associated with those volcanoes. Links are provided to web-based explanations of the origin of the plain. I have also posted several "Virtual Field-Trips" to interesting localities, with photographs and explanatory text.

Secondly, this page is intended to help those conducting research in the area, or considering it. This is mostly in the planning stage. We intend to create an up-to-date source of information on who is doing what in the area, and to post selected mapping, petrologic, geochemical and volcanological data. The idea is to encourage and facilitate collaboration and interaction to the greatest extent possible.

Axial Volcanic Zone:




Yellowstone Volcano Observatory  
Geodynamics of the Yellowstone Hotspot