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Map (slightly modified) and photo from MNP NPS site.

The Miocene age Woods Mountains Volcanic Center is located near the center of the Mojave National Preserve. A very nice summary (with a few errors) is available from the National Park Service (follow this link). The summary is based primarily upon work presented in the following paper:

McCurry, M., Lux, D. R., and Mickus, K. L., 1995. Neogene Structural Evolution of the Woods Mountains Volcanic Center, East Mojave National Scenic Area: San Bernadino County Museum Association Quarterly, v. 42, no. 3, p.75-80.

This area was the focus of my dissertation work at UCLA. My work in the area had a profound effect on my appreciation of the desert in general and the "high-Mojave" in particular. It's difficult to convey the odd combination of beauty, harshness and fascination of this region. I plan to publish to this site a photo-journal that compliments the USGS site referred to above, emphasizing physical features and historical aspects of the Woods Mountains area.

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