Purpose and Scope

There are already many excellent web sites devoted to volcanoes and volcanic processes. Follow this link for a list of what I consider to be the best. You might, then, ask "why another?". My objective is to extend on the previous sites by augmenting descriptions of some volcanic systems, and adding descriptions of a few that are not yet described on the web.

The selection is eclectic, and somewhat arbitrary, focusing on volcanic systems on which I have done some research, and for which I have a certain "fondness". My intent is to share some of the sights (via JPEG images and QuickTime movies) of these wonderful regions, to point out aspects of the systems that are of particular scientific interest, have applications or implications for environmental hazards, or just look cool. In the process I also hope to convey some of the fun and excitement associated with doing geologic research.

Contact me if you have questions about this site, information to add, or, god-forbid, corrections.

Volcanology Links:

Site Name Comments
Smithsonian - Global Volcanism Program Premier site for information about active volcanoes around the world.
MTU Volcanoes Page Not well organized, but a tremendous amount of good information.
NASA EOS IDS Volcanology Space-based analyses of active volcanoes and their impact on the atmosphere.
Volcano World Professionally done comprehensive site; taylored towards the novice. Unfortunately the useful "Ask a Volcanologist" module has been discontinued.
Volcanoes.com Great for finding links to volcano-related information.
Volcanoes and Earthquakes and Geoscience Very comprehensive listing of volcano-related links (and more).
Glynn Williams-Jones: Latin American Volcanoes Limited in scope, but very good content.

U.S. Geological Survey Sites
AVO - Alaska Volcano Observatory Well done site containing regional volcano information.
CVO - Cascades Volcano Observatory Well-designed comprehensive site created by folks at the U.S. Geological Survey office near Mount St. Helens.
HVO - Hawaiian Volcano Observatory You guessed it - it emphasizes Hawaiian volcanoes.
LVO - Long Valley Observatory A personal favorite; primarily because I find the Long Valley volcanic system so interesting. Very well-done, well integrated site.
VHP - Volcano Hazards Program OK general purpose volcanology site; obviously emphasizing hazards.
YVO - Yellowstone Volcano Observatory "Monitoring the Largest Volcanic System in North America" (actually only true if we're talking about Quaternary systems). This great new site emphasizes seismicity in the region.

Education-oriented sites:

SDSU - How Volcanoes Work Typical SDSU web page - these guys really know what they're doing. It's got just about everything you could want.
Volcano Information Center Terrific site by one of the "Masters" of volcanology.
Information for Future Volcanologists Nice site by Bill Leeman of Rice University.

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