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Very much under construction:

1. High Andes Photos, between Santiago, Chile and Mendoza, Argentina

2. Southern Chile ("Lakes" District)

3. Arica to Altiplano, northern Chile

4. Arequipa & Cañon Colca, Peru.

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1. Family in front of Lago Inca, northeast of Santiago in the central Andes.
2. Kassidy and Ashlyn looking 'cool' in front of Aconcagua, highest mountain in the western hemisphere.

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1. Near a marina on Lago Villarrica, in Pucón, Chile.
2. Kassidy examining flora in Pucón.
3. Ashlyn's first horse-ride was in Pucón.
4. Kassidy tempting fate at a park in Pucón.

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1. Kassidy, our botanist.
2. On the Altiplano at 15,000 (gasp!) feet.
3. It is beautiful (and to Mike - interesting) every direction you looked.

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1. "El Central" in beautiful Arequipa.
2. Sarah getting ready to enjoy lunch near the city center.
3. Ashlyn enjoying the view.
4. Colorful llamas in Cañon Colca.
5. Sarah trying out native dress and pose.
6. Yeah, well it was cheap.