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The Basics of GPS

Below is a list of existing GPS Primer sites. Please browse through these links until you are familiar with the concepts of what GPS is and how it works. When you are finished, you should be able to answer and understand the following questions:


General GPS Information

GPS Application Examples

Advanced GPS Concepts

Principles of GPS: SNAP LAB
Study of Sea Level Change using GPS
Differential GPS; What it is and how it works
Principles of GPS: Trimble
Study of Continental Plate Kinematics using GPS
The future of GPS:

Post-Modernization GPS Performance

Navigating into the Future-What GPS has in Store

The Basics of GPS by Jean-Marie Zogg
GPS uses in Precision Agriculture
How to Download from a Garmin receiver into ArcMap, Google Earth, Landview, etc.

More links for information: ... Will probably give you more information than you ever wanted.

Johnny Appleseed G P S ... Useful Links and Information Page:

International GPS Service ... The Global Data Centers archive, and provide on-line access to tracking data and data products.

The GPS Toolbox ... probably for the more advanced user.

Garmin car GPS & handheld Garmin gps systems and accessories for navigation. .