Geology Field Camp - Lost River Field Station

Idaho State University, Department of Geosciences

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Field Camp . . . . May 30 to July 4, 2017 . . . . 2016 Group below

Accepting applications until full


The ISU Department of Geosciences offers a five-week, 6-credit capstone course in field geology near the central Idaho town of Mackay. The "Lost River Field Station" is located on the Big Lost River, in a region with scenic, steep, and rugged mountains with folded and thrusted sedimentary rocks, metamorphic and volcanic rocks, and a metamorphic core complex. Exercises involve detailed rock descriptions and geologic mapping using air photos, topographic maps, GPS and remote sensing computer applications.

Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on developing an individual's ability to observe, record, and interpret field relationships. Students then prepare several complete geologic reports including digital data and maps. Students are from across the United States. Their diverse backgrounds contribute to the learning experience. Since the country is rugged and the pace intense, students must be in strong physical condition, and be willing to push themselves in a cooperative group learning environment.

Our field camp features a low student/faculty ratio and high standards. The total cost is approximately $5050 which includes everything; the fees for a 6 credit class, plus the field camp costs which includes lodging, meals, and transportation from Pocatello. PLEASE ! check with the Geosciences Office before paying any fees.