Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
Devonian Period Invertebrates

The Devonian food chain was very similar in many ways to Earth’s modern food chain we observe today. The lowest on the food chain, as in any environment, are primary producers. These are the photosynthetic plants and algae that convert energy from the sun into sugar needed to power their bodies. These are in turn consumed by primary producers who are typically not photosynthetic and therefore eat the plants to get the solar energy that has already been converted into sugars. These primary consumers may be exclusively vegetarian, or may eat a combination of plants and animals. They and include animals like the snails and echinoderms and corals. Other animals feed only on detritus, the leftover organic matter present in the substrate of the ecosystem in which they live. These animals often burrow and eat bulk sediment in order to filter out the desired organic matter. A modern example of a detritovore is the sea biscuit, a type of sea urchin that burrows through sediment in the seafloor.