Department of Geosciences . . . Learning in Idaho ! ! !


The mountains of Idaho are perfect for learning the geosciences.

It's easy to see natural processes in action and our degree programs take full advantage of Pocatello's location in the northern Rockies.


Idaho State University offers affordable tuition, access to the latest geotechnologies, and a strong record of student placement in government, industry and education.


Get value for your hard-earned money with a degree from the Department of Geosciences at Idaho State University.

Graduation Checklist

Interview-Focused Events

° BSU, ExxonMobil shortcourse (invited only)

° Rocky Mountain Rendezvous

° GSA career workshops and networking

° AGU career workshops and networking

° Roundup AME BC mining networking (+/-)

° Rocky Mountain GSA | 21-23 May 2015 | Casper, Wyoming, USA

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